About Our Business
Glynn Barclay & Associates, Inc.,(GBA) was formed in the
fall of 1981 in response to growing industry and investor
demands for consulting, employee training, and inspection
services. Since its formation, GBA has grown to include
more than 5,400 clients served.

GBA has a network of experts who address the risk
management, operational, and safety challenges of clients
and facilities.

We also coordinate and conduct training seminars and
workshops to improve safety and profitability. Facilities and
businesses throughout the nation have used our  
copyrighted video training systems.

GBA is a member or serves as an
advisor to several
associations dedicated to improving safety and operations
in recreation, hospitality, health, and the various areas of
the amusement industry.

Our professionals throughout the nation offer expertise in
all areas of the industries we serve. GBA is one of the few
companies who can provide this.
Mr. Barclay has more than 30 years experience in senior management
Roebuck & Company from 1964 to 1976.  In 1976, Mr. Barclay entered
the theme park and recreation industries with Silver Dollar City, Marvel
Cave Park, Missouri. He held senior management positions at their
parks in Branson, Missouri, and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (now known
as Dollywood). He helped form their very successful White Water
Division in 1979. Mr. Barclay served as general manager of major
recreation facilities in Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and

Glynn Barclay & Associates, Inc. (GBA), was formed in 1981. Mr.
Barclay has consulted with facilities nationwide. He has developed an
extensive client base that now numbers more than 5,400.  Mr. Barclay
has developed a copyrighted system for conducting underwriting
surveys and operational audits of facilities. Mr. Barclay has earned a
national reputation as a loss control and employee training expert. His
expertise applies to all phases of the amusement and recreation. Mr.
Barclay is frequently a keynote speaker at international conventions
dealing with these industries. Mr. Barclay served on the Executive
Committee of the World Waterpark Association and has received their
Industry Leadership Award. He has been active in the International
Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions for 24 years. the
National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials .  

Mr. Barclay works with various state risk management and insurance
departments helping them in developing risk management guidelines
and loss control procedures. He has helped establish training and
certification programs for loss control professionals. Mr. Barclay is a
Senior Certified Risk Evaluator, NAARSO Certified Inspector, and a
Texas Loss Control Representative.
Who is Glynn Barclay?
Glynn Barclay & Associates, Inc.